Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Devilled Ham and Joropo - Diablitos Underwood

Diablitos Underwood is a culinary institution in Venezuela, a brand of salty devilled ham that comes in little tins and tastes great spread thickly over buttered arepas or on crackers.

Every year Underwood hold a music event and for this year's Diablos Fest they've created some cute videos with cartoon bands covering different styles of Venezuelan music from the Llanero folk songs of Augusto Narciso Sisejaya Detodo, shown above, to reggaeton, hip hop, rock, electronica, ska, metal, and even a Manu Chao-style diablito, Chuchito Peraza, in the world music category.

All the tunes can be downloaded and you can vote for your favourites. Checkalo!

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