Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to dance Venezuelan salsa

A short video showing yours truly trying to dance salsa in a Venezuelan style. The majority of people who go to salsa dance classes in Europe and the USA learn to dance forwards and backwards using a basic Mambo step, but this won't help you in Venezuela where the dancing is on all four beats and the focus is on getting up close to your partner and doing turns in a very small space.

For the ladies this isn't such a problem, as they just follow the lead of the man they're dancing with, but guys will have to ditch the Mambo steps for something looser, going from four steps side to side, into the open step and initiating turns from there.

Salsa music is still massive in Venezuela, with a strong presence of salsa dura or salsa vieja, the classic 1970s tunes produced under the Fania label in New York by artists such as Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades and the Fania All Stars.

Homegrown Venezuelan salsa stars include Oscar D'Leon and Federico Betancourt and his Combo Latino.

The video was shot "camera secreta" style by Jorge Franca, a Venezuelan expat and pana mio.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Russell! Where did you learn to dance salsa so well. jajajajajaja