Thursday, October 6, 2011

Venezolanía - Official song and video for FitVen 2011

Venezolanía, performed by Merida singer-songwriting sisters Ariana and Manuela Moreno, is the official song for Venezuela's annual tourism fair, FitVen 2011, which takes place on the tourist island of Margarita at the Venetur Hotel in Porlamar from 22-25 October.

Ariana and Manuela's group is called Surconciente.

This is the IV edition of Venezuela's annual FitVen tourism fair, which aims to promote local attractions such as Los Llanos, a birdwatching mecca, the Andean mountains and valleys of Merida, Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, Roraima, a Lost World tabletop mountain, and Margarita, which has a growing reputation as a world class windsurfing destination.

This year, Venezuela's neighbour Colombia is being honoured with a special stand.

For the official FitVen2011 website click here.

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