Thursday, June 21, 2012

Venezuelan orchestra brings classical music to Scotland

The Venezuelan classical music programme for disadvantaged and shantytown children known as El Sistema has produced world class conductors like Gustavo Dudamel and the talented young musicians of the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra.
Now, Scotland has started its own version of El Sistema based around the Big Noise Orchestra in the deprived estate of Raploch in Stirling.
Ahead of the live outdoor concert in Stirling on 21 June that officially kicked off the London 2012 Olympic Festival, the 200-strong Simón Bolívar Orchestra and its leader Dudamel held a special orchestral masterclass with the Sistema Scotland kids that was captured in this exclusive video by the Guardian Newspaper (sorry about the ad but it's not too long).

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Anonymous said...

Lo mejor del mundo. Dudamel y OSB!!! Orgullo nacional y ahora internacional tambien!!