Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still Skanking - Desorden Publico "Los Dados de La Muerte"

Venezuela's top ska band Desorden Publico have been making music for more than 25 years and they just get better with each new album.

Their latest video for Los Dados de La Muerte, from the EP "Los Contrarios" shows a re-energized Desorden Publico in blistering form.

After the Colombian-influenced cumbia-ska of their last hit single Cristo Navaja, Los Dados de la Muerte is a return to the classic 80s ska of Madness and The Specials that first inspired them to start a band in 1985.

It features a cameo by Kanikazu Tanaka of Japanese ska band Dad Mom God.


djsparky djsparky said...

wow, they're like voodoo glow skulls meets the specials. Great stuff, the horn solos could have had a bit more energy but definitely a solid effort all around. I'm going to buy the album this week.

djsparky djsparky said...

Great stuff, it's like voodoo glow skulls meets the specials.

Definitely going to buy one if not all of their albums