Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Musica Llanera: William Sarquiz - Pecho Rajao

From the Llanos state of Barinas singer William Sarquiz takes an old-school approach on his hit single "Pecho Rajao" ("Broken Heart" is the closest translation). Sad songs like this are known as "canciones del despecho" and usually involve gallons of aguardiente (cane alcohol) to dull the pain of a lost love. The music is known as a "pasaje" and the singer's nasal tone is typical of Musica Llanera. The video shows some of the birds that are found on these seasonally-flooded plains.

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Edgar Nevermoo said...

Hello Russell,

Do you know if and how it is possible to get a cd or whatelse of this great artist?

Thank you,

Edgar Nevermoo