Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hip-Hop: Vagos y Maleantes - Guajira

Salsa meets hip hop in this inspired track by Vagos y Maleantes from the album Papiandeando. DJ Trece, who produced the album, joins rappers Budu and Niga at the end. All three of them acted in the movie Secuestro Express. The video is pure Latin hip hop swagger, with some nice shots of Caracas and a few Benny Hill moments thrown in for a laugh. It's a bit crackly at the start while the radio tunes in but sounds better when the song kicks in. Love this track. The video was directed by Secuestro Express writer and director Johnathon Jakubowicz.


Carlotta said...

i love dj trece! rawr! u should try casanova its not so politically involved as this one but very cathcy song by dj trece... also its scratchy at the beginning because they're making fun of the sunday staples when chavez takes over all the radio staitiona dn tries to announce the "good" things he's done but really not that great because they film this in a very poor enviornment.

Anonymous said...

wuenas.... yo apoyo 100% el hip hop y el rap es el mejor genero q hay mas q todo el venezolano ...siempre pendiente de esta cultura visiten my myspace para q escuchen las canciones de mi crew ...salu2

Anonymous said...