Thursday, February 7, 2008

Babylon Motorhome: ComoCumbia

The very excellent Venezuelan collective known as Babylon Motorhome have taken Colombian cumbia, electronica, drum and bass and some hot ska brass and made it all dubtastically nice and funky in their latest project. The group, which combines music with cutting-edge graphic design and audiovisuals, have created several versions of the track, available on an album of the same name on Pilla Records. The album cover features a "pabellon criollo", Venezuela's national dish, a plate of black beans, fried plantains, rice and shredded beef. Tasty.

ComoCumbia tracklist:
1. RadioEdit, Feat. MC Cotufa (BMH-Aldo)
2. Bucare Dub (Ortega&Cassette)
3. Drum&bass Mix (Emmerson+Turtled)
4. ILoveMyMotorhome Mix (Jimmy Flamante)
5. Cumbia Nuclear Mix (Club Nuclear)
6. Perro Campeón Mix (Los Domingues)
7. Buenas Tardes Hiphop Mix (BMH)
8. Cariaquito Hiphop Mix (BMH)
9. Raíces Mix (BMH)

Video: Babylon Motorhome remix Simon Diaz - "Angustia"

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