Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Salsa: Oscar D'Leon y Wladimir - Que Cosa Tan Linda

The video's a bit wobbly but it's worth it to see Venezuela's most dynamic salsa duo Oscar D'Leon and Wladimir Lozano perform together back in the days of the Salsa Mayor.

I'll write some more about the song and the video but in the meantime here's a shout out to a great friend who still insists - now in the 21st century - that growing an Oscar D'Leon moustache is the ultimate in male grooming.

This is for Carlos, Kenny and the new bebe Isabel Cristina. Felicitaciones panitas!!! Que alegria!!!

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SalsaDivina said...

Hola Russell: Kudos on your blog, I enjoy reading parts of it ( I stumbled upon your blog, I'll be back to read some more).

As a native of the caribbean island of Curacao, I can totally relate to my "cosas venezolanas"...

Bueno ciaoito pue!