Monday, January 25, 2010

Book Review: Travels on the Venezuelan Dance Floor

Subtitled "one man's journey to the heart of Salsa", UK poet Grevel Lindop's new book "Travels on the Dance Floor" is a voyage of discovery that takes him from the plodding monotony of a salsa class in rainy Manchester to the sexy, sizzling dancehalls and street parties of Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as he tries to learn the intricate turns and fancy footwork needed to master the main tropical rhythms of salsa, timba and merengue.

Given the author's obvious disadvantages - he's English, 6'4" tall, wears a size 12 shoe and has two left feet - converting himself into a slick Latin dance god is no easy task, but Grevel persists and in doing so comes up with an account of his trials and tribulations that is both touching and informative and will certainly appeal to the growing salsa dance crowd in the UK and elsewhere.

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Grevel said...

Glad you enjoyed the book, Russell. Your comments mean a lot coming from a Venezuela buff like yourself. I now have my own blog at, where I'm writing regularly about salsa in the UK and other things. I'd be happy to link to yours if you're interested? Keep up the good work!