Thursday, August 21, 2008

Los Paranoias - Algo

A sweet little ditty by Caracas indie band Los Paranoias, Venezuela's answer to Britpop.

The band are Luis Iran (vocals, guitar), Carlos da Palma (bass and backup vocals) Yunior Lobo (drums) and Ivan Gozon (guitar).

"Algo" comes from their 2006 album "Hey! Donde Estan Los Paranoias?" and this excellent video clip - directed by Luber Mujica for Guayoyo Motion Graphics - has been on heavy rotation on MTV Latino since June.

Luber and his team must have got up early to shoot these deserted street scenes outside the Congress building, El Capitolio, and around the Teresa Carreno theatre complex in Caracas.

The result is a beautiful series of snapshots of the capital without the crush of humanity and cars that clog its main arteries during the day.


Anonymous said...

Epale Russell, como estas?? i love it, that someone is so interested in my country, so I thank you. One of my all-time favorite bands are Los Paranoias, especially because I'm a Beatles fanatic. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that you got the title of the song wrong. You said "Alma", when it's actually, "Algo." just thought you should know. xD

Russell Maddicks said...

Gracias por tu comentario ulises. He cambiado el error.
Si conoces mas grupos con videos que puedo agregar a mi humilde blog avisame. Saludos pana. R