Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Los Javelin - Psycho Silbon

With a few riffs borrowed from The Clash's "Brand New Cadillac", Los Javelin go surf crazy in Caracas in this video to their totally awesome track "Psycho Silbon," named after Venezuela's spookiest bogeyman El Silbon.

Calling their sound Surfabilly 'n Roll, Los Javelin take the sixties sound of The Lively Ones, Dick Dale, and Surfaris and bring it up to date for Venezuela's latest crop of sun-kissed wave-riders.

Think of The Trashmen - whose spectacular Surfing Bird was covered by Psychobilly pioneers The Cramps - with some hot and heavy brass thrown in to beef up the sound.

Cheekily, they even have a track named after self-confessed surf-guitar fan Quentin Tarantino.

If he doesn't include it in his next flick I'll eat my board, sex wax and all.

Los Javelin are Harold Quevedo, alias "Dr Staccato" (guitar), Ivan Gozon, alias "Electro Loco" (guitar), Joan La Riva, alias "Barracuda" (bass guitar) and Richard Blanco from Los Mentas, alias "Chicha" (drums). The brass comes courtesy of Hector Bastardo, alias "Mr Suave" on sax and El Chile Chipotle and Tequila Sifontes on trumpets.

"Psycho Silbon" comes from the band's first CD "Surfabilly & Roll" on Radio Pirata Records.

The video was shot at the Plaza de Los Museos in Bellas Artes, in front of the Museo de Ciencias.

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