Monday, August 11, 2008

Fauna Crepuscular - Birra

Venezuela is a nation of beer drinkers. At the beach, at home, after work in pubs, clubs and restaurants, wherever you go you'll find people chugging ice cold brewskis to keep the tropical heat at bay.

The Irish of the Americas, Venezuelans drink more of the amber nectar per head than any other South Americans.

According to the 2008 edition of the Economist magazine's "Pocket World in Figures" the top beer drinkers in the world in litres per person per year are:
1. Czech Republic, 81.9 litres
2. Venezuela, 76.7 litres
3. Australia, 69.3 litres
4. Germany, 67.9 litres
5. Austria, 66.2 litres
6. Finland, 65.4 litres
7. England, 62.6 litres
8. USA, 62.5 litres
9. Slovakia, 62.4 litres
10. Denmark, 60.8 litres

This ska-tastic ode to Venezuela's favourite leisure pursuit by Caracas-based band Fauna Crepuscular has become something of a summer anthem this year.

It's got all the ingredients for a top hit: The words couldn't be simpler, the message couldn't be more profound, and the beat couldn't be any bouncier.

So let's all sing along.

Birra. Yo lo que quiero es una birra.
Yo lo que quiero es tomar,
Sin parar!

Beer. I want a beer.
I want to drink,
Without stopping!

Who said the art of poetry is dead?

Russell Maddicks


Vanessa said...

I love this song lol :)... but why the Italian birra and not Spanish cerveza? Is that Venezuelan?
Anyway, I want more. More birras and more songs to cheer up my day at work.

Anonymous said...

Yo lo k kiero es tomar sin PAGAR....
Eudomar Lameda

Carlos Contreras said...

“The Irish of the Americas, Venezuelans…” Now you really make me laugh, Russell! It seems that Venezuela is located in the northern part of South America, somewhere between your heart and your soul. A Venezuelan soul with a passport from another country, I would dare to say.

Thanks so much for loving my country and its people. ¡Salud!

Scott McLean said...

Hello Russell,
I never drank a Venezuelan beer. Sounds good. While I don't drink that much, the beer in Thailand was very good and also like some imported Russian and Ukrainian beers and especially like their cuisine. Your blog is very interesting. I'll be back again.


Anonymous said...

Venezuelan beer is great! just as its weather and people :)

Thanks for these posts Russell

Lo de la poesia es lo maximo!
chaito pue'

Anonymous said...

I prefer our beer to another drink of the world.
My congratulations for your nice blog, mi pana.