Friday, April 17, 2009

Expresion Larense: Golpe Tocuyano

A song in honour of Barquisimeto and El Tocuyo by local group Expresion Larense.

The only expression I know from Lara is "na' guará!", a useful expression that defines the region but defies direct translation.

It can be used in a similar way to Paris Hilton's use of the phrase "Oh my God!", which depending on the context can mean: "Oh my God, that's great" or "Oh my God, that sucks!"

Or it can be used like the phrase "no way!" or "wow!" to indicate disbelief or surprise.

"Na´guará" is so prevalent in Barquisimeto and Lara State that the inhabitants of the region are known as Guaros.

If anybody has a better definition of the indefinable "Na'guará" please leave a comment.

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